Joan Enslin Artist
Abstract and impressionistic images of nature
  Starburst Nebula

                        "ART IS NOT WHAT THE PAINTER SEES, BUT WHAT THE  
                                       PAINTING ALLOWS OTHERS TO SEE"
                   Expressive hues and natural forms emerge in the process of 
                  Joan's artwork representing the many colors and textures of her
                                              native Pacific Northwest.
                  Her preferred painting surfaces include paper, wood and textured
                               canvas which she employs interchangeably.
                Uses of abstract impressionistic styles encourage the imagination
                       as she flows among the mediums of watercolor, acrylic and
                                                             mixed media.
                 Painting for me is exploration;  it is a challenging and joyful
                   opportunity to discover what the natural world has to offer.
                                                       Original art only
                 email Joan to ask about price and availablity of individual works








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